CCF Structure


Do you have a desire to see God move within your community? Do you wish to join a community of faith of like-minded individuals? If so, we extend our hand of fellowship as we seek to stand in the gap on behalf of our communities.

The Community Chaplain Fellowship offers four chaplainship levels: Associate Chaplain, Assistant Chaplain, Chaplain, and Senior Chaplain. All members will begin as Associate Chaplains. As an Associate Chaplain you will be responsible for praying and interceding on behalf of the community where you reside. This community might be your neighborhood block, an apartment complex where you live, a wing in a hospital or retirement home, or any other community structure where you might live. We are looking for individuals who are willing to bring God to their area of influence!

For those who would like guidance in obedience-oriented discipleship and in reaching out to their families and communities, we offer a free (PDF ebook) set of obedience-oriented Fellowship Life Discipling Course studies, designed to give a foundational understanding of biblical doctrine and gift-based group fellowship. Additional one-to-one or one-to-small group mentored evangelism and Bible study courses are available through the Bible Paratrooper course curriculum for those who wish to pursue a more formal series of leadership training.

As the Community Chaplain Fellowship continues to grow, the Senior Chaplain will become a mentor for the other chaplains beneath their level in their geographical region.

Fellowship Overview:

  • Associate Chaplain: Is a community prayer partner.

  • Assistant Chaplain: Is demonstrating continued commitment to obedience-oriented family and community outreach through mentored training from the Fellowship Life Discipling Course.

  • Chaplain: Is actively involved in obedience-oriented discipleship mentoring and fellowship planting through continuing mentored training from the FLDC studies.


All members are asked to give annual report of their current testimony of their walk with God and of how God has been working through them in their community. Being able to hear from each person helps us to know who is still actively interested in being a community chaplain. The overseeing chaplains will be in charge of mentoring and encouraging each chaplain underneath them as needed. It is the role of the Senior Chaplain to support and be a partner in prayer and spiritual edification for all the chaplains in their care.

Every prospective member will be required to make a statement affirming their agreement to the CCF Articles of Faith before they are accepted as a member of the Community Chaplain Fellowship.

Outreach Duties:

Each chaplain will be expected to regularly pray for and intercede for their community. Each chaplain is encouraged to reach out through leading family and small group fellowships for Bible study, prayer, and spiritual edification, to disciple any chaplains below their level, and to seek God for however He may want to use them to be a spiritual light in their community.

We ask for the physical location of each member so that we can keep track of what communities are being covered in prayer and if there are any other chaplains that members might be able to partner with.